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What are the best ways to evaluate if you should pursue a project or not?

Prospectus Offering Documents

If you're looking for a great investment opportunity, look no further than this! The prospectus offering documents are filled with information about the company. It's an interesting way to make money and it sounds like good risk-free business too.

Feasibility Studies

Imagine that your boss asks, "What progress have we made on this?" You can't answer confidently because it's hard to know when there is no real plan. A feasibility study may be able help solve these problems by evaluating whether an idea will work and what resources might be required before committing time and money.

Private Placement Memorandums

The private placement memorandum is the most cost-effective form of financing an entrepreneur can find, often costing as little as 2% in legal fees and providing much more flexibility than traditional bank loans or venture capital investments.

Allow us to help you with Your Prospectus, Feasibility Study, or Financials

The preparation of effective and informative documentation is the most important step in the funding formation process.

Our principals are experts at creating high-quality investment collateral such as Feasibility Studies, a Preliminary Prospectus, a Final Prospectus, and an Offering Memorandum (Private Placement Memorandum).

Prospectus has a track record of success in assisting start-ups in raising venture capital and established businesses in raising working or expansion capital. We provide the documentation needed by investors – and required by industry regulators – to help you achieve the best possible result, whether your company is planning a Private Placement Offering (PPO) or an Initial Public Offering (IPO), developing land, or launching a product.

Who looks at the Prospectus?

We create the Prospectus for a diverse group of investors. Venture capital and private equity firms, angel investors, qualified institutional buyers (QIBs), other accredited investors, and designated stock exchanges are examples of these. Thousands of Prospectus and Offering Memorandums have been written by our team of industry professionals, consultants, and securities attorneys for both private and publicly traded companies. Furthermore, many businesses require a proper feasibility study to demonstrate the viability of the product or project. Indeed, our firm has assisted with hundreds of feasibility studies ranging from real estate to high tech, a variety of inventions, energy such as oil and gas extraction, and much more.

Where do we work? has consultants and offices in the majority of the world's financial centers. For clients all over the world, we provide high-quality Prospectus and Offering Circular documentation, as well as feasibility study reports. delivers from New York to Hong Kong, from the United Kingdom to the Cayman Islands, and from Singapore to Seattle. Our Principals create dependable and compelling capital formation documentation that results in profitable outcomes in all industry sectors.

What exactly is a Prospectus?

A prospectus is a common business document that gives prospective investors an overview of the company's structure in relation to its business model, financial plan, securities information, management team, and other useful details. The Prospectus, an instrument of corporate “best-practice,” outlines the terms of the offering to aid and expedite the due diligence process. Because the company seeking investment will be offering securities in exchange for capital – either debt or equity – the Prospectus contains valuable information that informs and reassures the prospective investor. The Offering Prospectus is the ultimate road map for any accredited investor, institutional investor, or "high net worth" individual. It explains how the company intends to succeed and how the investor will profit from their investment.

Characteristics of a Prospectus

A well-written Offering Prospectus should be “easy on the eyes”: crisp, clear, and succinct, with no flowery or misleading narrative. While the length of the Prospectus can vary depending on the intended audience, it should flow systematically and demonstrate a professional focus on its key points. An effective Prospectus will begin with a company overview, followed by a detailed analysis of the organization, management team, industry, customers, competitors, and, of course, a detailed description of the investment offering details. The Prospectus should be viewed as an opportunity to tell the Issuer's story in an engaging format, rather than as a "boring-must-give-to-investors" document.

What exactly is a Feasibility Study?

The feasibility study looks into the viability of a project's success. Before undertaking a project like real estate development or construction, feasibility studies are performed. Business owners and potential investors or banks will want to ensure that the business is "feasible". Thus, the main document in this assessment is a feasibility study. A feasibility report can help save necessary capital, such as whether to stop or even start a project. This information and data vital to the project's completion includes funding requirements, market opportunity, government regulations, risk factors, project strengths and weaknesses, and financials of the business. While a feasibility study sounds like a business plan, it's often much longer and covers far more data on the market and the financials. The experts on our team at Prospectus can assist with writing your company's feasibility study.


The Prospectus, and thus the Feasibility Study, Private Placement Memorandum, or Offering documents, should achieve the following goals:  

  • Clear and concisely convey your message and your company's business opportunity
  • Display your intellectual property (“IP”) and one-of-a-kind product or service offerings
  • Highlight your team's leadership abilities and relevant industry experience
  • Describe your company's current and future business strategies and plans
  • The feasibility report demonstrates that the product or project is viable
  • Discuss your exit strategy and calculate the return on investment for the investor

What Goldwin Associates has to Offer Securities Issuers and Those Raising Capital

Our simple value proposition is easily accepted by experienced entrepreneurs and corporate executives: we provide fast and dependable turnaround times for document creation as well as the most competitive pricing in the global market. We specialize in best-practice advisory and delivery services for the following industries:

  • Prospectus creation
  • Prospectus Preparation and Finalization (public and private)
  • Providing Circular (public & private)
  • Creating a Private Placement Memorandum
  • Services for listing and initial public offering (IPO)
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Memorandum of Explanation
  • Services for Registration and Filing (i.e. S-1 Statements)
  • Structure of equity and debt (144A/Reg S)
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Assistance with Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Crowdfunding, Regulation A+, and Regulation D assistance are all available
  • Services for the formation of corporations and funds
  • Shareholder and operating agreements are two types of agreements
  • Securities law, as well as general business legal advice


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Goldwin Associates is the world's leading provider of prospectus development services. Our experienced team of consultants, securities attorneys, and investment bankers has completed over 5,000 projects and assists companies with private offerings and public listings on the world's major stock exchanges.

Prospectus, Memorandum of Understanding, Feasibility Studies, and Registration

In addition to Prospectus, Feasibility Study Reports, and other Offering Memorandum documentation, we prepare and file Registration Statements with a variety of agencies around the world.

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